To me, working in Central London – really is the definition of the daily grind. It’s not just the chaotic commute but the career path I am currently set on which can be rather demanding, stressful and at times, upsetting.

After the christmas break and my recent trip to New York, I had the opportunity to step away from work and spent time reflecting on how to be more productive 2020 as well as way to be a happier and healthier.

Here are the ways that I am going to destress and implement the practice of self-care that we all so desperately need at times., I hope you can benefit from this The Wonder Blog post.

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Sleep. Yes, we all know that there is a wealth of  legit research that indicates that getting an adequate amount of sleep per night can lead to greater levels of productivity and other positive outcomes.

A National Safety Council report revealed that 43% of workers are sleep deprived!

One way to help you fall asleep faster is putting your phone away a few hours before bed. Getting lost checking the never-ending work emails or your social media feed can shave off hours of precious time that could be spent sleeping. Cutting pre-bedtime device usage out could help you get more shut eye.

Beauty Regime. That’s right: Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Weekly face mask. Monthly nail appointment. 6 weekly hair trim. Looking after you makes you feel good and it is so rewarding. If you feel good, you are happier and a lot more productive!

Get active. Everyone knows how beneficial physical activity can be for a person’s well-being, health, and productivity. Going for walks around the office, parking further away from your destination, using a standing desk, and taking the stairs more often are just a few ways that you can be more active in your daily life.

 Drink more Water. As we know our bodies are made up of 60% water. Staying hydrated is an important, necessary, and often overlooked as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Do things you love. It’s important to have an activity that can help you take your mind off of your career day to day stresses. Focusing your energy on an activity that brings you joy and is a distraction from your occupation can be an effective way to build happiness and health into your life. A hobby can really be anything, from shopping, watching Netflix, and road running to taking walks, blogging and make up classes.

Coaching. Coaching is a process that aims to improve personal performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. Coaching is a great way to establish values, set goals and help with self improvement.

Networking. Attending industry related conferences/expos and connecting with others is a great way to build a community that can support and empower you. Great for a self care journey. As you know, I am part of the All Bright Academy that offer events throughout the year to attend. Women in Business Expo, Best You Expo and browsing through Meetup and Eventbrite to find local groups to attend. (Look out for the The Wonder Network!)

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